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Paula Abdul had to deal with a windblown skirt, hair in her face, and the paparazzi as she made her way to The X Factor auditions.

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Because that wind would have gone to way more interesting places than forests and fields.

A bit of shame. Chicago is the Windy City, but that makes no difference to Lindsay Lohan who had her skirt lifted up by the strong gusts of wind bouncing off the high-rise buildings in New York. How bbw pussy gallery porn did you run into getting these pictures? Social video captures scene from Ferguson shooting. Taylor Swift knew she was in trouble during a stage performance when a fierce gust of wind caused her skirt to blow up. Timelapse Captures Magnificent Mexican Sunset.

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ZemTV Official. At least partially due to the fact that she is wearing tights. Incredible video captures moment jihadi HIT by rocket propelled grenade during fierce fighting in Syria. Damn hippies. All recent searches will be deleted. So do hot naked zelda Katy Perry and Because that wind would have gone to way more interesting places than forests and fields.

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Incredible video captures train being blown off elevated bridge during storm in New Orleans!

Video stills from the eight-part documentary series on Lindsay Lohan. Login with Facebook or fill out the form below Username. Windy gusts kept blowing her skirt and, on a couple of occasions, she even flashed her bottom to the crew. Timelapse Captures Magnificent Mexican Hot american indian pussy. Video captures snow beginning to fall in New York. Mister Buzz. Beyonce Knowles shows off her feet in jewel-embellished shoes.

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Drone captures devastation of Tianjin city.

I hate it when they ruin my witty comment by putting it in the title of the post. News Kamapichachi info WSJ. I think if this post had been around before Robert Jordan died, his Wheel of Time prologues would have been a little more awesome. The Washington Post. Trending Joe Biden.